Saturday, November 30, 2013

storm is approaching 35x35cm

Riders on the storm 

Into this house we're born 

Into this world we're thrown 

Like a dog without a bone 

An actor out alone 

Riders on the storm  [DOORS, Riders On The Storm]

Monday, November 25, 2013

always the sea 35x35cm

See... onward she comes

Onward she nears out of the sun

See, she has no crew

She has no life, wait but here's two.

Death and she life in death,

They throw their dice for the crew

She wins the mariner and he belongs to her now.

Then... crew one by one

They drop down dead, two hundred men

She... she, life in death.

She lets him live, her chosen one. [IRON MAIDEN, The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner]

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Girl with black dress 35x35cm

This time I tried something different,a stronger outline and just plain color ...eliminating shadows and creating a stronger contrast using black. [A.R.]

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

moonlit night 60x60cm

In folklore, moonlight sometimes has a harmful influence. For example, sleeping in the light of a full moon on certain nights was said to transform a person into a werewolf. The light of the moon was thought to worsen the symptoms of lunatics, and to sleep in moonlight could make one blind, or mad. Nyctalopia (night blindness caused by a lack of vitamin A), was thought to be caused by sleeping in moonlight in the tropics. [Wikipedia]

Saturday, November 16, 2013

silent before the storm 60x60cm

Ο πατέρας μου –μύρο το κύμα που τον τύλιξε– δεν είχε σκοπό να με κάμη ναυτικό.

— Μακριά, έλεγε, μακριά, παιδί μου, από τ’ άτιμο στοιχειό! Δεν έχει πίστη, δεν έχει έλεος. Λάτρεψέ την όσο θες, δόξασέ την· εκείνη το σκοπό της. Μην κοιτάς που χαμογελά, που σου τάζει θησαυρούς. Αργά-γρήγορα θα σου σκάψη το λάκκο ή θα σε ρίξη πετσί και κόκκαλο, άχρηστο στον κόσμο. Είπες θάλασσα, είπες γυναίκα, το ίδιο κάνει.

Και τα έλεγε αυτά άνθρωπος που έφαγε τη ζωή του στο καράβι· που ο πατέρας, ο πάππος, ο πρόπαππος, όλοι ώς τη ρίζα της γενιάς ξεψύχησαν στο παλαμάρι. [Λόγια της πλώρης, Ανδρέας Καρκαβίτσας]

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

citrus from heaven 60x50cm

Τα εσπεριδοειδή είναι χαμηλά δένδρα, που τα φύλλα τους δεν πέφτουν (αειθαλή) και ευδοκιμούν στις τροπικές ή ημιτροπικές και στις εύκρατες χώρες (Ελλάδα). Τα φρούτα τους ανταγωνίζονται για το ποιο αποτυπώνει καλύτερα το χρυσό του φωτός, ποιο εκπροσωπεί καλύτερα το θεό Ήλιο, το μεγάλο Απόλλωνα τον θεό του κάλλους. Τα χρυσό-χρωμα αυτά φρούτα είναι η υλοποίηση του φωτός και της τέχνης (του κάλλους) που μόνο διά αυτού αποκτά υπόσταση. [Ι.Ρ.Σ.]

Citruses are low trees, whose leaves do not fall (evergreen) and thrive in tropical or sub-tropic and temperate countries (Greece). Their fruits are competing, which one reflects better the golden light, which one represents better  the sun-god, the great Apollo the god of beauty. These golden-colored fruits are the realization of light and art (beauty). Art comes into being through that light. [I.R.S.]

Sunday, November 10, 2013

the yellow door 35x35cm

I think doors are strange, you never know what awaits you on the other side, if anything. I also find that doors have something in common with wild flowers, their coloring!

A bright colored door catches the eye like a bright colored flower, but is it just inviting, or is it a trap? The only way to find out is to try it out... will it be worth the risk?

A soft colored door is inconspicuous, is it trying to hide (itself and its content) or is it just humble?

Do black doors hide evil or are they just frightened of it and yearn for the cover of the night?

One could of course argue that doors are just doors, but where would be the fun in that! I prefer thinking that consciously or subconsciously, the person choosing the color did it for a reason... [I.R.S.]

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Balos, Crete 90x60cm

Όσα ρούχα και να αγοράσεις, εγώ θα σε σκέφτομαι πάντα γυμνή (γραμμένο σε τοίχο στην Αθήνα) - Αυτή είναι η σχέση του Έλληνα με τον κόσμο, ωραίο και αληθινό είναι το απλό και απέριττο. Όσο και να προσπαθούν κάποιοι κατά καιρούς να ντύσουν την αλήθεια με διάφορους μανδύες, μόνο η γυμνή αλήθεια χαίρει της αποδοχής του. Το political correct δεν ανακαλύφθηκε στην Ελλάδα. [Ι.Ρ.Σ.]

No matter how many clothes you buy, I will always think of you naked (written on a wall in Athens) - This is the relationship between the Greek and the world, good and true is the simple and unadorned. As much as some are trying at times to dress the truth various cloaks, only the naked truth enjoys his acceptance. Political correctness was one of the things that were not discovered by the greeks. [I.R.S.]