Thursday, April 24, 2014

looking down 50x80cm

Looking down and wondering what is the world coming to, why does everybody act so irrationally, what's with all the darkness... Are they going blind to the light?[A.R.]

Thursday, April 17, 2014

clouds of war 70x100cm

Clouds hanging heavy over a sky of lead, travelling over sea and land, over mountains and valleys. War is showing its ugly face and seeks admittance in our midst! Are the strong failing, is it time for a pole change or is it only a moment in time that will be soon forgotten, is it just a flicker or the first signs of a raving jungle-fire?

When choosing sides is everybody clear, I wonder, of their objectives and maybe as, if not more, importantly of the objectives of their potential ally?

Can't the struggle just take a break?[I.R.S.]

among us 50x80cm

"Angels when they come to earth, they leave their wings at the coat-check so they won't get noticed" [from a Harley Davidson commercial]

Good (as bad) is among us... There are no tricks or cheats to recognise it. Sometimes it is really obvious, other times it is impossible to track, no matter how hard you look! The point is to keep an open mind and to try to postpone judging as long as possible (since it is hard to change the initial judgment one made about somebody). Good is not in your heart and neither in your mind!! Good is a state of being (!), yet the expression of it varies, depending on environmental (including social) factors!

Don't look for the Good, just try to feel it with all that is you.[I.R.S.]

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Serenity 30x40cm


An angel painted with love and devotion, I tried to capture mainly the serenity it represents.[A.R.]


Monday, April 14, 2014

walking down the hallway 50x70cm


There are hallways in life where we are not sure where they lead to, or even worse we know where they lead to but we are not ready (or willing) to walk down that path yet. An anchor point is in these cases a relief... something (or someone) you know will be there for you, won't give up on you... Sometimes just touching the wall next to you as you make yourself on the way is enough... Yet nothing makes the journey easier! The self persuasion about taking that first step towards the goal is the most important part of the journey after all...[I.R.S.]


Friday, April 11, 2014

mother in dim light 30x40cm

Oh, mother how your love is written in the same font as your pain all over your face describing exactly that you are just another mother.

Oh, mother how unique are you and how common.

Oh, mother can you find the perfect balance that you seek between mother- and woman- hood?.[-]


Sunday, April 6, 2014

strict mother 50x70cm

On this painting I used the procedure of underpainting in raw sienna and then applied three layers of colors leaving the background loose with empty spaces for more light. I love vintage style dresses although they look strict they radiate some kind of sensitivity and innocence. [A.R.]