Monday, July 21, 2014

the goldfish's kiss 90x70cm

... farewell to Hamburg..., I am about to move back Home, back to Greece. Back to stay!

I am neither happy, nor sad;

I am both happy, and sad;

I do not know, really


another thing I do not know is how exactly the way I feel affects my paintings and effects on them...

This is the last painting I am painting here, in Hamburg. Here where I actually started this blog 1.5 years ago!!

My next post will be sent into the ether from further south.

... farewell to Hamburg...[A.R.]

Monday, July 14, 2014

shades of blue 60x50cm

shades of blue...

seas of blue disrupted by white foamy lines...

it is a flag hiding between the lines,

it is the livelihood of a nation,

it is the pride of a seafaring's son mother!


it is a story that started long, long ago in the mist of ancient times,

a story bold and beautiful but also sad and true...

a story - history that charges the hearts of men, of those men calling it their own,

filling them with energy... begging for the right medium to be released!

the time shall come...[I.R.S.]

Friday, July 4, 2014

the dancer 50x60cm

"Beauty and truth are usually more charming unveiled!" was the beginning of the description of my other nude "Unveiled 80x30cm", and thinking for a title for this one the word unveilled ... made me think of the "dance of veils", made me think of Salome... Yet the historic anchor-point was not to my liking as well as the fact that while painting I thought of nothing the like... In the end it's just a dancer! This again made me think of Tina Turner's "private dancer"... I'm a mess, I feel awkward with nude, I guess, although they are beautiful!... Anyway, so, I present to you "The Dancer".[A.R.]