Thursday, May 29, 2014

EXHIBITION di residenza... in JDA Gallery, Poland

EXHIBITION di residenza: JDA Gallery

When:  APRIL until SEPTEMBER 2014

Where: Wroclaw, Poland

I'm participating with the paintings "unveiled 80x30cm", "lemons 60x30cm", "angel 20x40cm", "buoy 30x30cm", "pillars 30x30cm", "white rabbit 24x30cm", "girl with coat 25x25cm", "Balos, Crete 90x60cm", "Athena Ergane weaver 70x60cm", "the dress 20x40cm", "little happy girl 30x40cm", "mother 35x35cm", "on the beach, mother 40x30cm", "countryside mother 40x30cm" and "gaidouraki 30x40cm".

The aforementioned paintings are made available for sale by JDA.[A.R.]

Friday, May 23, 2014

dawn of time 50x60cm

Some of the mammals that evolved themselves out of the water, obviously, didn't like the land enough and tried to return to the wet embrace of the seas. They actually succeeded and remained there till today almost unchanged... they are the majestic giants of the oceans singing to us about the dawn of time...[A.R.]